The Mandelbrot set. Fractals. Here we are. The physical descriptions. The equation:

Z <=> Z2 + C

Iterative equation, where the result of Z squared plus C feeds into the next interation of Z squared plus C. Some iterative paths lead nowhere. Others create organic, infinite patterns. Order in apparent chaos.

The point is that a simple iterative equation Z <=> Z2 + C yields incredible (infinite?) complexity. Is there a similarly simple, interative equation for the mind. Is that something faith gets at. And do most iterative paths lead to nowhere (suicide). Others to a brilliant, happy life?

If there were such a formula, a simple formula...cognitive, perceptual approach. What would that quintessential, "theory of everything" Psychological Mandelbrot formula (PMF).

What are the variables. Goals, feedback, rules.

Goals. Faith. What are the clues? Faith. Hope. Love. I think those are part of the formula. The objects of faith, hope, love will change. What is elemental?

Tony Robbins has created such a system. I remember reading about it in one of his books, or at least some hokey diagram of the "Master System" or something like that. It described how we use references to guide beliefs, etc. I'll have to look it up. I think it was in his Awaken the Giant Within.