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I have the Browning 800, RWS 5g Magnum, and the RWS LP8.. In comparison to the Browning (.22) .. The Browning is FAR more powereful .. It will penetrate cleanly through items that my RWS LP8 wont even break the surface (example I can shoot straight through both ends of a 5 gallon hard plastic bucket with the Browning.. The LP8 wont go through one side of the bucket).. I find the LP8 to be much more of a pleasure to shoot than the Browning. The Browning is somewhat of a nuisance to use the unattached extension on the barrel (and the extension is a must).. In comparison to the 5G magnum the LP8 is more powerful.. I know it is advertised that they have the same power plant and I will go as far to say that my 5G magnum might be a "lemon" but, it is definitely less powerful than the LP8.. (example: I can shoot through one side of a rubbermade trash can with the LP8 and the 5G magnum will not pierce the surface.. Oh and while on the subject I did "penetration" tests with every brand of .177 cal. that I could find.. They all pretty much had the same depth's from the gammo rocket , gammo armor piercing , gammo gold, crosman round nose etc etc... I found the cheaper crosman round nose had the best performance and penetration.

Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: RWS Model LP8 Magnum - Part 1
A three part review of the pistol. Interesting point about how to shoot from a bench rest. With this gun, resting barrel seems to help with accuracy, which is counter to the behavior of most spring action pistols. I'll have to test this out for myself.
Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: RWS Model LP8 Magnum - Part 2
Tom gets into the velocities of various pellets through this RWS pistol. Gamo Match pellets proved to be the best in this LP8. Ten shots grouped 1.045".
Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: RWS Model LP8 Magnum - Part 3
In part 3, Gaylord gets into how to shoot this pistol on a bench rest. As it turns out, resting the barrel on the bench rest gave the best accuracy for Tom. That's unusual for a spring pistol. Standard practice is to never rest spring action barrel (rifle or pistol) on a rest. I'll try it out, though I'm such a poor shot I probably won't be able to tell a difference :)
RWS LP8 Magnum Break Barrel Pellet Pistol - Diana - Umarex USA - UmarexUSA.com
Umarex's description of the air gun. Umarex appears to be the importer; I don't think they are manufacturing, though it's a little unclear.
YouTube - RWS Diana Pellet Pistol! Break Barrel. Review!
One of the few videos I can find on the RWS LP8 air pistol.

(:youtube 7RDMlSXgcN4:)

Handgun Hunter Magazine - Which Way to Carnegie Hall?

Diana RWS LP8 Air Pistol

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