Water Park Survival Tips - Raging Waters - We spent our second Father's Day in a row at Raging Waters water park in San Jose, CA. A wonderful visit made even better because of these survival tips I learned during my first visit:

  1. Wear flip flops or water shoes - Don't let the rough walking surface turn the soles of your feet into hamburger. NOTE: Some rides/slides don't allow footwear. I either leave them at the foot of the ride, or stuff them in the back waistband of my swim shorts ;)
  2. Wear polarized sunglasses - Glare from the sun can be overwhelming at water parks. Polarized lenses reduce the glare much better than non-polarized sunglass lenses.

  1. Buy discount tickets at Costco - Stores like Costco often carry discount ticket for regional amusement parks. We saved about 30%.
  2. Wear light colored Shirt - Instead of relying on sunscreen, wear a shirt to protect the skin. We lathered our son with sunscreen, but with all the water and activity, he still ended up burned. I wear a long sleeved white shirt and never burn. NOTE: Color matters. Dark colors are hotter, which can help on cooler days. But I always choose white, which reflects light.
  3. Don't leave valuables unattended - Pay the ridiculous fees and use a locker to store and protect valuables. If you don't want to pay the ridiculous fees...
  4. Keep money, credit cards, I.D.s with you - Avoid paying the ridiculous locker fees and buy a small waterproof container that can be secured to your body for those vital items. This method has worked very well for me. But before doing that...
  5. Reduce wallet size - Take a couple minutes to remove non-essentials from your wallet and leave them home. Makes it easier to fit essential contents into a waterproof container secured to your body.
  6. Go early - As with most amusement parks, you beat the crowds by arriving early.
  7. Obvious essentials - Sunscreen; even with a shirt, use sunscreen to protect all exposed skin. Hat - Sunscreen doesn't work well on hair; as with shirts, hats provides better protection.
  8. Avoid seasickness in wave machine - Do this by looking at stationary object, like the tower on a ride, or a pretty/handsome lifeguard. Watching your buddy bob up and down will only make you queasy.
Aquapac KEYMASTER (600) 100%-waterproof case
Solar ComfortTM Polarized Sunglasses

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