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SEO Do-it-Yourself kit: Keyword choice and refinement Top-left-down keyword optimization strategy

eye-tracking studies, users will initially view your Web site the same way the spider does

The further to the top left of your page you place your keywords, the more weight Google gives them

Place the keywords near the top of your page.

First step of SEO is choosing your keywords.

keywords that people are actually searching for.



you need to determine who is not already finding your page, but should.

If too many pages are competing for high rankings for your keywords, you may need to become more specific with your keywords.

being more specific in your keyword selection can help you reach a user looking for a specific type of content.

over half of all searches are 3 words or more.

what question your Web site answers.

Google's Advanced Search Modifiers.

"allintitle: developer resources" will give you the number of pages Google has indexed with those two words in the title.

This will give you a pretty good idea of how many other pages are competing for those words.

refine your keyword choices

selector tool

searches per month for particular keywords along with similar keywords and with their respective number of queries per month.

Overture keyword

Marketleap has several browser-based tools to help you analyze your pages and and your rankings.

The best strategy: use your understanding of your pages and your audience as the basis for your SEO efforts. Then use SEO tools to support that direction.

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