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How you SEE the problem IS the problem.

I really love the book Seven Habits of Highly Effection People by Stephen Covey. I find myself returning to it often, a perennial favorite. It's grounding for me. A tome of principles to live by. Ironically, I also like reviewing some of Tony Robbins stuff, though not as much. Tony has some very interesting and compelling models, but more "technique" oriented than "principle" oriented...though that may be unfair. I guess I like the public persona of Covey more than Robbins, but both have a lot to share.

Covey seems to walk his talk. A devoted Mormon, father, husband...Covey serves in many different roles. Roles are important for Covey, and he emphasizes that we all serve or play different roles in our life. But he doesn't allow ethical relativism to enter into it. The principles remain. How they are applied to a given role may be different.

Perspective versus attitudes and behaviors. Paradigm shift. Maps and terrain. Principles are the terrain. Perspectives are a map. Attitudes and behaviors are the driving and mood. With the wrong map, no matter how much driving or how positive you are, you probably won't arrive where you desire. Start with truth in guiding, fundamental principles.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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