Shadows of Angmar - LOTRO - Here's a funny story. I was invited by some old high school buddies to play LOTRO. I'd never played before, but they said just bring my computer, and they'll set me up.

So I show up, and as I step into the house, I notice a bunch of big computer monitors (21 inchers, I find out later), ethernet cables running everywhere, and huge computer desktop PC boxes. Plus, these guys had headsets, special keyboard/joystick devices, and enough snackfood to satisfy a class of 12-year-olds.

All excited, one of my buds asks me to bring in my computer. I unzip my knapsack and pull out my laptop, a small Sony Vaio.

The look on his face was priceless.

Clearly, I'd lost the locker-room competition -- my tiny laptop has a 10-inch (at best) screen.

After some work, we managed to get the little Vaio running the game -- and now I'm addicted. Proof being, I just bought a desktop PC with more than enough computing power to run the game, a headset, and various keyboard/joystick devices...I ain't losing the locker-room competition next time.

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An old panther — 26 December 2007, 14:33

As one of those buddies, you're right. It was priceless and hilarious. Glad to have you in the fold. Keep that 16th level Huntress going!

Brent — 26 December 2007, 22:08

Thanks to you guys, I just made level 17! Thanks, bro!