Simple Ways to Change the World - I love this list of 20 Ways to Change the World! Some are quite simple, but all have the potential in some way to change the world. Here are my favorites...

Be Nice - This is something EVERYONE can do--you donít need any money or any talent. Simply smile, say "Hello!" or hold the door for someone. You never know the impact. It could change someoneís whole day, week...or life...or simply inspire others to continue the cycle. Before you know it, your smile will have impacted THOUSANDS of lives.

Donate - Donate blood, food, time, money, or whatever you can. Donate online, help entrepreneurs in developing countries on Kiva, lend to people on Prosper, or just play the simple game on FreeRice.

Be Positive - Bring more positivity into the world. It so simple but so effective.

Listen - Listen to people, let them talk, learn about their lives, sometimes thatís the MOST important gift you can give someone.

Create Art - Paint, create music, write, take a picture, or try any other art form. Art inspires, motivates, and changes lives.

Get Vocal - Are you passionate about a cause? Well, get out there and make your voice heard. Hold rallies, protest, write letters and articles, blog about it, or start a forum. Being silent isnít going to accomplish anything.

Pick Up Trash - No one seems to do this. Just pick up trash that you see lying on the ground. Every little bit helps. And who knows? You may inspire others to do the same.

Talk - When youíre done listening, talk. Talk about their life, your life, the weather. Talk to strangers sitting next to you on a bench. You never know where it can lead.

Travel the World - Travel around the world and experience new places. Traveling helps people and economies of foreign lands. Embrace new cultures and share your experiences with people you know.

Voluntary Simplicity, Revised Edition: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich - by Duane Elgin

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