B-O-R-I-N-G. We had the superbowl playing in the background, only paying attention at the commercials -- ha! My favorite involved something like stunt day, where everyone did stunts to accomplish everyday activities...can't remember what the product or service was...hmmm...

The music shows were heavily promoted, and they really sucked. David Bauder, in his AP piece, summed it up best:

They rushed through the songs as if at a fast-food service line. With hours of meaningless pregame hoopla, couldn't they be given five minutes more to finish a few songs?

Microphones didn't work, and you knew they had at least the Stones on a time delay, removing "cum" from the Start Me Up lyric, "You make a dead man cum." The AP story tells of other censorship--which I guess is fine, though I wonder why they bothered going with a band and songs that would obviously needed that kind of filtering. Seems insincere. Why not have a reunion of the Brady Bunch or something. Bring Raffi on stage. Insincere is the right word for it. Anything goes for ratings.

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