Attach:EvanLysacek.jpg Δ Evan Lysacek - Watching the long program for Men's ice skating. One US skater, Evan Lysacek, did miserably in the short. Not just miserably. Lysacek disintegrated. It was his "personal worst" performance.

Now he's doing the long, and he looks like a totally different skater and person. He's not just doing a fantastic job. He's doing a truly Olympic job. An Olympic recovery--and he was falling apart two days ago, both on the ice and off.

But here he is, now, doing absolutely great. I'm serious, this is a different person. Amazing. A life lesson, as a commentator said. Now he knows he can do anything. Evan Lysacek.

Scott Hamilton put it best:

"An absolute photo negative of his short program."


Note: Turns out Lysacek suffered a stomach flu the day of the short. Not long after the performance, he was admitted to the hospital with two IVs running to rehydrate him. No practice yesterday (I think) and short one today. Amazing times two. Great job Evan Lysacek.