Received via email. I've edited the original. Some good tips.

Tips for Handling Telemarketers - Three Little Words That Work!!

  1. Answer phone.
  2. If no one is there, press the # key 7 or 8 times rapidly.* Otherwise...
  3. Say: "Hold on, please..."
  4. Put down your phone (instead of hanging-up) and walk away. This makes your call time-consuming and costs the telemarketer.
  5. When you hear phone company's 'beep-beep-beep, hang up phone.

* No one there? - No one on the other end means the telemarketers are using a machine that calls and records the time of day your phone is answered. Using this data, they can figure out best time for a real telemarketer to call. Rapidly pressing the # key confuses the machine and, allegedly, kicks your number out of their system.

Junk Mail Tip

Mail return envelopes - When you get junk mail that contains a postage paid return envelope, mail the return envelope back with other junk mail (don't include anything that could identify you). This costs marketers money.

Complete Handbook of All-Purpose Telemarketing Scripts
by Barry Masser

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