Woo Wee Dragonfly - Looks delicate, but has been surprisingly sturdy, tolerating numerous crashes and semi-rough handling. I expected this RC controlled insect to be destroyed in the first ten minutes of use. My son has had it since mid-March, and it's still going strong. Below are some videos with tips on flying the Woo Wee Dragonfly and some awesome demos of what it can do.

WowWee FlyTech R/C Dragonfly

(:youtube 2XK_WAy1wCI:)

(:youtube 9AcFaeMIflA:)

(:youtube dDxMIP0XiV0:)

(:youtube MY5yOJ_-Z3s:)

WowWee FlyTech R/C Dragonfly

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sj — 30 April 2007, 09:12

This is so cool, i got one and it is probably 10X better than a rc heli, must get

P.S. use the tail ribbon, it really helps!

Dragon Fly — 16 January 2008, 00:20

I got one and you need a football field to keep from hitting a wall. Can't get the darn thing to stay up in the air

Brent — 16 January 2008, 10:52

It takes a some practice. It's very sensitive, and as sj said, use the tail ribbon. It helps stabilize the thing a lot.