Sophia Myles

Watched Tristan and Isolde recently, and have to say I was disappointed. It's such an important and seminal story in literature, I really hoped for a wonderful treatment from producers Ridley and Tony Scott. But with Kevin Reynolds directing, it turned out a bit too much like Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves (another Reynolds film).

Sophia Myles was wonderful, but I wasn't much impressed with the portrayal by James Franco. He was great in the fight scenes, but the rest of his performance seemed rather one dimensionally sullen. In short...

Franco's acting didn't convince me of his action.

Myles, on the other hand, gave a strong performance that offered a bit more dimension and texture. Of course, the fact she was about the only beautiful woman in the film didn't hurt.

The set design was actually quite good, giving a fairly authentic feel. Unfortunately, Reynolds (or the editor) failed to provide enough cameos of the set to establish the mood. Background is background. I just wanted to see a little more in of it in the foreground, just enough to give a closer taste of the time. It sure looked like they'd done the work. Let me see more of it.

Wikipedia has a good entry on the origins of the Tristan and Iseult story, as well as an entry on the Tristan and Isolde movie.

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