Uncharted 2 Final Boss - Lazaravic

After some frustration, I found a clue about how the final boss in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves can easily be defeated.

Obviously...SPOILERS ahead...This is a cheat in my mind, so it does take away from the fun of this fight, making it quite boring. Don't resort to this cheat until your thumbs are about to fall off.

The only way to weaken Lazaravic, the final boss in Uncharted 2, is to shoot and explode a pile of blue resin while Lararavic is near it. The resin is scattered all over the place but Lazaravic doesn't stand still much, and it takes A LOT of nearby resin explosions (even on easy mode) to make him go down. That means a lot of running and gunning, and I simply kept dying again and again. After countless tries, I found the clue I needed on a forum.

There is a spot on a small raised platform that has a tree with blue resin growing on the side of it. Just go left as you start the fight; you'll see it soon enough on the right of the path. Position yourself so you are hanging off the platform. If you're in the right spot, Lazaravic will stand still on top of the platform right next to the resin. While you're hanging there, shoot the resin with your pistol, wait for it to regrow, then shoot it again. Repeat until he goes down. Lazaravic will shoot at you repeatedly with his shotgun, but it won't affect you much, and if it does, move a little. It takes 15 or more tries (in easy mode), so make sure you have ammo in your pistol before positioning yourself. Also, the explosion may knock you off your hanging spot, so make sure you position yourself at a point where you'll land on the ground if that happens and not fall in the abyss and die. See images below...

Cheat it may be, but it sure saved me from a repetitive motion injury.

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