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Found an easy way to defeat the final boss :) - Page 2 -
YouTube - Uncharted Treasure List : Golden Jaguar 14 / 61 [Chapter 4]
Uncharted: Treasure Locations Guide. - PS3 Forums
Pinpoints location of treasure with screenshot images. Very good.
Uncharted Drake's Fortune Walkthrough FAQ Strategy Guide PS3 -Chapter 19 Unwelcome Guests- Playstation Notebook
I like this guide! - Nolan North - The Voice of Uncharted's Nathan Drake - Uploaded by sceablog
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Single-Player Interview from
Emily Rose (IV)
Claudia Black (I)
Meet the Women of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -“ PlayStation.Blog

Uncharted Drake7s Fortune Walkthrough FAQ Strategy Guide -Chapter 14 Going Underground- Playstation Notebook
How to Solve the Sanctuary Puzzle in Uncharted Drake's Fortune
MyCheats: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Guide, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune FAQ
After killing the guys with laser sights, I'm overrun as I head into the ruins. One solution: Head into the ruins and take a right. Go to the corner of the plaza and take cover. Camp this position -- watching both the hallway to your right and to your left -- until you have killed the majority of the enemies.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Cheats, Codes, Hints & Secrets for Cheats - IGN
Hint: "Unlimited" Ammo" or sorts...
  • Have at least 300 Medal Points (since this isn't actually a true "unlimited ammo" cheat)
  • Press Start
  • Rewards menu
  • Weapon Select
  • Choose weapon
This will allow you to choose any weapon with full ammunition once selected. Then, all you have to do is go back and forth to this menu, selecting and deselecting the same weapon to constantly refill your ammunition.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3/Walkthrough - WikiCheats
The basic strategy is to advance down the river, avoid any explosive barrels, while taking out any pirates you may see. The ammo is infinite for the M79, so keep firing no matter what. Once you get to the large pool area, cross the wooden ramp to reach the large bay. Head towards the port to disembark the jet ski. Elena will remain behind leaving you to deal with the enemies soon enough.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3/Walkthrough - WikiCheats
MyCheats: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Guide, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune FAQ
After the cut-scene, get on the Jet Ski and start down the river....Remember, move slowly on the jet ski. Enemies will attack you from the buildings on the side of the river. The key to surviving enemy attacks is use Elena's grenade launcher to blow all enemies any barrels that are in your way Just remember, while you are aiming with Elena's launcher, you cannot move. Use this tactic until you get through the river surrounded by buildings.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Walkthrough - IGN FAQs
Pretty detailed walkthrough of Uncharted.
GameSpot Forums - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - help with "the fortress" on crushing mode
Go back all the way outside into the light, then return to the area before the room(where the gunner was mounted). You will somehow have triggered all the people in the room down there, so you can take them out from the safety of the high ground. Much, much, much easier.

Uncharted 2 - How to Defeat Final Boss - Lazaravic - Cheat/Hint/Tip

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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