YouTube - Using the Slingshot to Hunt Big Game
I loved this guy's enthusiasm for the clever idea of how to use a slingshot to "hunt big game." It actually might work, if you could get close enough.

(:youtube NGIcCRJGYug:)

YouTube - Sling Shot Wrist Rocket with an Arrow Shotting a Deer
The 6-year-old's camera work is shaky, but her Dad's success with the deer target supports the assertion that you can hunt big game with a wrist rocket/slingshot (if you can get close enough to be accurate).

(:youtube w_iV1ahB0gI:)

YouTube - Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man
Rufus is a marksman with a slingshot. As accurate as he is, he probably could stun or blind a big game animal with his "bean shooter."

(:youtube 9ieWrWLjii0:)

YouTube - Three extremely powerful slingshots

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