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I gave it a really good test and I repeated many of the targets at all three power levels and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the Alecto. I loved the feel of the pistol, its looks (although I think the palmshelf looks odd on such a tactical looking pistol) and its superb operation Another great feature is the supeb placement of the safety catch. I am a sod for forgetting to disengage the safety on my pistols, the placement of the saftey on the Alecto means that when I place my finger near the trigger, I feel the catch and instinctively disengage with a tiny movement of my finger before I place my pad on the trigger. SO EASY and I don't have to lower the pistol like I do with most. This pistol will help greatly restore the name of Webley back to what it should be.

Later in that thread someone says that the pistol is made in Turkey, not in the U.K., and that Webley been sold to an investors (presumably in Turkey?), with one of the assets being the Webley name.
Webley Alecto review type of thing. - AirgunBBS.com
ZORAKI - Atak Silah
Airgun forum: FAC webley alecto pistols
YouTube - Zoraki HP-01 custom made

(:youtube eqo_1YetuuM:)

Air gun • View topic - Attack By Forceful Arms HP-01 - INVESTIGATION
YouTube - Mod.HP-01-video galery.flv
ZORAKI - Atak Silah
YouTube - ZORAKI HP 01
Looks like Webley's Alecta.

(:youtube VB8JJYaJaoU:)

Airshooter.co.uk Pneumatic Pump-Up
Views on the New Webley Alecto - AirgunBBS.com
Nice discussion thread on Webley Alecto. Some actually got to shoot one. Sounds good so far. I don't see any dealers in the U.S. May be difficult to track down.
The Webley Alecto
This air pistol looks amazing. A pneumatic pump with 3 power levels. I'm very curious, and there doesn't seem to be much out about it. I'll keep my eyes open for one.
YouTube - Webley Alecto Air Pistol

(:youtube Dp9LZLH3Kwg:)

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