Beeman P17/Marksman 2004 -
YouTube - Weihrauch HW 40 Reddot
I like the idea of a red dot sight on this pistol. The sights are good, fiber optics work well, but I still have trouble aligning the sites properly (I'm no teen-aged plinker anymore). May have to pick up a red dot sight.

BTW, the pistol is quite light considering its size. I find it very comfortable to shoot. The grip, being smooth, can get a little slick on a hot day. Some adjust the grip, add rubber, etc. I might to that.
YouTube - Weihrauch HW40 Review
Gives a decent little review of the pistol, though no footage of the guy shooting it. I'm not finding a lot of video on shooting the gun.

(:youtube TVWtdtBS_5k:)

YouTube - Weihrauch HW 40 PCA
Nice piece of kit, if I could hold the thing still enough to look through the scope! Actually, the issue is being able to cock the pistol with the scope on it. I find the cocking of the pistol fairly easy, but the scope may make it a little more difficult.

(:youtube h1R2Kd64cFg:)

HW40 v Beeman P3 v Beeman 2004E [Archive] -
Weihrauch HW 40, Beeman P3, and P17 all look alike but cost very different. After some review, I decided to go with the original, German Weihrauch HW 40 model.
Air Gun Parts - Weihrauch - Barrels - Weihrauch HW40 (Beeman P3) .20 Cal Barrel - Specialty Shooting Sports Outdoors
You can get a .20 caliber barrel for your HW 40.
YouTube - Weihrauch HW40 PCA - Grip Mod (Heat Stippling)
A short video showing how to modify the grip of My HW40 that uses a common modification method for polymer frame guns.
YouTube - Weihrauch HW40 English
Short little vid features a fellow shooting the HW 40 a couple times. For some reason I've watched it a number of times....I need to get a life :)

(:youtube gIRldTz6QJQ:)

Beeman P17/P3 - Marksman 2004 Disassembly Guide -
Good description and excellent pictures on how to break down a Weihrauch HW 40 air pistol. Really well done. Easy to see how simple and potentially reliable this gun is, assuming good engineering of the pump. I love mine so far. Best air gun I've had--so far :)
Weihrauch HW40PCA Air Pistol
Superb and thorough review of the Weihrauch HW 40. Includes pictures of the internals, test data, etc. Went a long way toward inspiring me to buy the air gun.

HW 40 PCA Air Pistol
by Weihrauch

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