Home Alarm Systems - Home Security Specialist Mike Jagger wrote an excellent critique of one typical home alarm system installation, explaining along the way why so many home alarm systems are useless. As he concludes:

"[This] system...offers absolutely zero security value. It's only purpose is to allow an alarm company to collect a monthly monitoring fee and hope the client does not figure out how misplaced their trust in the company was."

Ouch! The weaknesses are easy to spot - once you know what to look for. And the vulnerabilities are basically driven by this fact...

If you locate the code keypad, system control box, and alarm siren in same or nearby location, crooks can easily disable your system before anyone is alerted or an alarm is set off.

Here's a summary of Mike's best advice for home alarm system installation:

  1. Hide your control panel - As Mike says, "It should take longer to find your control panel than your entry delay time."
  2. Locate siren far from control panel - So crooks can't follow the sound to the panel.
  3. Keep alarm phone jack, transformer, and control panel out of sight - Don't help crooks plan how to disable your system. Keep everything hidden.

Another point Mike makes:

"The phone jack is the alarm system's only connection to the outside world. If it gets unplugged, the system cannot communicate."

If this is true, then unsecured outside access to the phone line is also a risk with these systems.

Let the home security shopper beware.

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