It's about the possibility of being found and read.

With millions upon millions of websites (and billions upon billions of web pages), the chances of someone actually finding my website resemble lottery odds. Even when you consider the gargantuan number of Google searches done everyday, the odds are almost non-existent...At least searches are cheaper than a lottery ticket.

Which means I can experiment with searches to see how easy (or difficult) it is to find my stuff. Try searching...

See what's listed at the top?

Of course, what are the chance of a monkey--er, user--actually typing "Bitter Acknowledgements from Olin Shivers" into Google? Not good.

So when I see the hits to my blog website (surely accidental visits except for those searching for Kari Byron), I rejoice! My words are getting out.

Of course that makes the assumption that the words are actually read...another statistically thin possibility. Jeez, the odds get worse and worse....

Well, as long as searches are free -- and not sponsored -- there's hope.

What more can the web offer?

BTW, am I suppose to capitalize the "W" in web? Three letters, like God...Hmmm...

God! I love this stuff. It's so empowering to know you can deposit words onto a textfield, and BAM! they're on the net -- via RSS, Google's blogsearch and others index your entry within a few hours (or sooner). Which means anyone in the world can find it almost immediately. That's astounding.