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Power serve - Some serves will have a trailing streak behind them and are difficult to return. These are power serves. To do one, time a quick swing to coincide with the top of the ball's arc. Controller angle is important. If your serving motion mimics an overhead tennis serve, then the controller needs to be angled forward and down, like in a true tennis serve or overhead smash. BTW, there's no way to aim the serve.

Super Slow Serve - Prevent bots and friends from returning your serve cross court for a winner. Toss the ball up and wait until the last second to serve it. This generates very slow, high serve, but for some reason, human and bot opponents struggle with the return. Thanks for the suggestion, 'Agassi'!

Make bots sweat - If you play long points against the bots, you'll notice that they begin to visibly sweat. When the sweating starts, they also slow down when reacting to your shots, making it easier for you to win points. Effects only last the duration of the game (not the match).

Topspin - Swing the controller forward, from low to high. Some suggest to rotate your wrist a little forward as well. This technique is particularly useful for getting good angles from the backcourt player. Adding topspin enables you to aim for sharper angles.

Backspin - Swing controller forward, from high to low. Some suggest to rotate your wrist a little backwards when making the swing as well. Once you get this technique down you can add crazy sidespin, and really fast backspin so that the ball will quickly skip off the surface. This can fool the bots at lower difficulty.

Lobs - Move the remote in an upwards direction, lifting it, without forward movement. Good for defensive shots when you are recovering from an opponents high angled shots. It gives you more time to move back towards the middle (you'll notice bots using this technique when they get better). You can also use it for netplay to lob over the front court player into the back corner of the court.

Volley directly at bots - When you hit directly at a bot in the backcourt, it will often miss-hit. It behaves like it can't decide whether to hit a forehand or backhand, and misses completely. Works best when bots are in the backcourt corners.

General technique - Use a sharp angled topspin shot to get the bots to one side of the court, and quickly pounce on their return with your net player so that he hits it to the other side. Basically just keep using the net player until you volley the ball away.

Standing at the net flicking the controller back and forth spastically is surprisingly effective.

Hitting net on purpose: Hold controller straight up, and chop quickly down with wrist movement. Like holding an axe and chopping quickly. 9 out of 10 times, the ball will hit the top part of the net and fall down. (Can't say this works that well for me.)

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mik — 25 November 2007, 23:58

how can i make my miis move faster in playing tennis ? The backline mii can't get to certain balls

Brent — 26 November 2007, 06:39

I think Miis move a bit quicker as they gain experience. That's certainly the case with automated ones. Also, there are times when Miis just can't respond quick enough to a winning shot. Essentially, with some shots, there's simply nothing you can do to make a return.

ilym — 30 December 2007, 01:43

When playing against other people (not bots), I noticed that often if I serve a fast ball (not power serve though), the opponent can do a fast, cross court return that is always impossible to return. The problem is that my backline Mii starts walking toward the center as soon as he serves, but the cross court return needs him to be in the far corner where he began the serve.

I finally figured out how to keep the Mii in the corner where I need him for this return. If you swing your Wiimote wildly as soon as the serve is out, the Mii won't be able to walk toward the center very much because he's too busy swinging his racket like a madman. As soon as the opponent hits his return, I stop swinging and now the Mii can see where he needs to go and I can hit the impossible return!

Brent — 30 December 2007, 06:28

Excellent tip! Thank! I'll have to experiment with that.

qqqq — 01 January 2008, 16:42


Ryoma — 07 January 2008, 16:28

Is there any way to do a twist serve in this game. Or at least a twist shot?

You know, when the ball bounces the other way that it's supposed to bounce in.

Ex: I'm a righty. Normally if i hit it forehand, from the back right part of the court to the top left. But a twist would make it bounce once going to the top right instead.

I heard that you have to put crazy topspin on the ball. I have difficulty with that too. I can't really do this when playing real tennis but I know it's possible.

Shinji — 09 January 2008, 14:43

I think that's also called a kick serve, Ryoma.

Brent — 09 January 2008, 15:20

Hmm...I'm not familiar with a way to do the kick serve you described.

Knob head killa — 16 January 2008, 09:32

you are all knob heads

Lyle — 01 February 2008, 09:14


Lyle — 01 February 2008, 09:21

I think that the triple kick serve is preformed when holding down A, B, and 2 on the Wii control recepticle while turning it at a 180 degree turn. Then you must shake it constantly in the air on the level 6 tilt axis.

Lyle — 01 February 2008, 09:25

Then, you must slam it down at the top most hypotenuse of the angle turn kick. Only thn, you have a 1 in 4 chance of preforming the kick serve.

Brent — 03 February 2008, 07:14

These instructions are beginning to sound like superstition...Though, as off the wall as game designers seem to be, it just might be right :)

Lyle — 04 February 2008, 16:21

It's right, -- believe me. I have been playing wii tennis since the game came out and have done every trick humanly possible. I am currently of the skill level 2419. No joke.

Lyle — 04 February 2008, 16:24

You should put my advice somewhere on your webpage. It could be suprisingly helpful. Oh well..... Just a friendly suggestion.

Kenny Robison — 12 February 2008, 04:28

how do you get the wii sports pack cheep?

Agassi — 12 February 2008, 09:31

If you want to prevent your friends from hitting your serve across court where your Mii can't get to it - toss the ball up and wait till the last second to serve it -- it will be very slow and high but for some reason human opponents will struggle with hitting winners on it. I think it is to slow and that winner return motion will go into the net.

Brent — 12 February 2008, 15:59

That's a good one. I've used that, too. Bot sure do seem confused by that super slow serve.

Sean — 18 February 2008, 13:49

Is there another team that is better than Elisa (2000)and Sarah (1900)?

Lyle — 18 February 2008, 16:06

I'm not sure. I'm actually playing them right now and I am of a really high level (2419). I shall expieriment with that......

oldtexan — 21 February 2008, 15:38

When you get to the pro level & get tired of beating the same two computer opponents. Make another Mii & call it (lefty)(if you are right handed)now play left handed with the Wii controller this makes the game a new challenge. OR play the game with the computer controlling a Mii as your partner.This is done by click on a Mii on your side of the net at the "choose positions" screen. OR Play as the side that get to serve last ( this is like giving your opponent a head start).This is done by click on each of the Mii's including the question mark ones,at the "choose positions" screen.

vincent — 08 March 2008, 10:34

what about sliding?

pete — 09 March 2008, 13:58

firstly wii sports tennis game is an amazing game. secondly i have been playing this game since it has came out and am now undefeated i find the ebst way to play is to do short swings with alot of wrist action you can pull off all the spin and hard serves you want with minimum arm motion. its all in your wrist and your angle you have with your sensor bar

DIAMOND — 11 March 2008, 04:43

Can someone tell me why recentley (I have a skill level of 595) even when I win my score goes DOWN!!!!?

I used to have a skill of 700 but now only 595 even though I am winning games?

WHY !!!!!!!!!!!?

Brent — 11 March 2008, 07:31

To improve your score, you need to play "best 3 out of 5" matches. Single games or two out of three won't help.

And even if you win the "3 out of 5" matches, you must win the match decisively. If you lose a game or two during the match, you'll probably end up with a lower score. If you win match with three straight games, you'll improve your score.

However, you also have to win the games decisively. That is, if your games go to deuce, you may end up with a lower score.

Note: a lot depends on the score of your opponents. If they have a lower score than you, you REALLY have to win decisively. If their score is higher than yours, you can still make mistakes and get a higher score.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

anonymous — 13 March 2008, 16:06

My skill is 3128

mii advice centre — 20 March 2008, 17:08

to do a power serve you need to angle the controller at 47.5 degree and flick your wrist and point the controller down/right, then hold botton e and b then straighten elbow, to do i slow spin serve, press h and j, then turn right

WindsorTenor — 24 March 2008, 15:01

Actually, once you get above 2200, it is best to play single games and win every point. Your score will advance more rapidly than if you play 3 out of 5!

mean mother fucker — 30 March 2008, 02:15

all of you suck at tennis my skill level is 4121

Ethel the Aardvark — 30 March 2008, 02:51

If you have no other human partner to play with always choose two of yourself for both the innner net and outer court player, filling either the left hand court or the right in toto. A single & short game win at 40-0 will give you upto 150 pts. A best of three, love game win (ie 40-0, 0-40) will give you upto 250 pts and a best of 5, 3nil will will give you upto 350pts.

Ethel the Aardvark — 30 March 2008, 02:54

By the way...As a (pro) of 1673 changing the court colour to blue (ie playing on the outer courts) always earns me more points for some reason!

Plateau'ed — 09 April 2008, 05:54

I somehow muddled my way to 940 and am stuck. I have been playing two bots with scores of 1100 and 1000 and am yet to win a game (I cancel out if they get to 40 so I don't go down!)

What are the techniques to just improve? Should I not be holding the wiimote like a conventional racquet? How do I put away net shots so they can't return it? Swinging harder doesn't work. How can I control direction of net shots? How can I hit down the line shots?


Brent — 09 April 2008, 06:39

For me, using the front (net) player was vital. It takes a long time to win points using only the back player. Also, driving the bots wide to one side then hitting to the ball to the opposite side (using net player) works very well, especially in long rallies where the bots visibly sweat. During long rallys, when bots sweat, they slow down. Hope that helps.

Plateau'ed — 09 April 2008, 12:04

Thanks. I have seen them sweating once or twice, most of my rallies are over long before that. If anyone is sweating, it is me.

It seems like the bots become smarter at either lobbing my front guy or hitting it out of his reach.

The plus point is unlike those chaps who are at 2300 or whatever and have no challenges left, I have Elisa and Sara to look forward to :-)

Jen — 14 June 2008, 08:11

Is there a way of playing just singles against each other? My brother and I want to play but I don't like playing doubles? Thanks.